About Us

Welcome to Cellar 54. Our company started in 1980 and specializes in Personalized Custom Designed Wine Labels as well as personalized boutique and estate wines from all over the world, which include Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Africa, and the U.S. from California to Washington state, plus many other small countries..  For many years, our wines have been used for gift giving by Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Personal collections and many others.
Our goal is to provide you with wines from small Boutique Wineries with your personal customized label.  Your labels are created by our design team per your specifications. Labels can also be created by our easy to use label editor.  Just complete the information needed & your label will be created! 


All wines are sold by the case.  Customized labels are included in the price. 


Please contact us to schedule your complimentary Wine Tasting. 



We buy our personalized wine from Cellar54! Great experience, prices and labels!!

-Lynn Vitel, Jacksonville FL

We got our customized wine bottles from Cellar54, can't wait to start giving them out!

- Sherry Davidson ,  St. Augustine FL

We bought our custom wine bottles from Cellar54, it has been my 4th time purchasing wines from their company! Great labels for the Price!

- Rebecca Stewart , 

St. Petersburg FL